What is GIP?



Gargzdai Industrial Park (GIP) is a business and industrial area located right next to the city of Gargzdai. It is designed to accommodate various companies that are considering to invest in the region. There are 5 land sites for industrial and storage facilities and 4 sites for commercial facilities. We provide full infrastructure and supervision until the start of business operations.

GIP is particularly developed to suit the needs of investors who are interested in industrial sites ranging from 0.7 to 2.9 ha, searching for less expensive alternatives to Lithuania’s Free Economic Zones and willing to purchase the land instead of leasing it.


The beautiful city of Gargzdai is situated right next to the main Lithuania’s highway Vilnius-Klaipeda (A1) and only 17 km away from Klaipeda port. It is the administrative center of Klaipeda district, which makes it a perfect geographical location. Competitive land price and advantages of a small community makes it an exceptional place to start or expand a business.

There are a number of domestic and foreign capital companies established in Gargzdai. The most prominent of them include Mars Inc, Print IT, LOTOS Geonafta, Mida, Hidrostatyba and others. Gargzdai is proven to be a sensible alternative for Klaipeda city among various investors.

Gargzdai Industrial ParkGargzdai Industrial ParkGargzdai Industrial ParkGargzdai Industrial Park